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3 Business Factors You Should Measure Regularly

As we transition from one season to another there are quite a number of things you must evaluate to measure the health of your business. Here I recorded a short video highlighting 3 important criteria you should use to measure the health of your business.

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Beware Of The Shiny Object Syndrome

This big mistake is stopping many brilliant coaches, speakers and trainers from tapping into their amazing potential. Be aware and re- position yourself for success.

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When Is The Right Time To Quit Your Job And Go Full Time?

Earlier today I spoke to someone who wanted me to help them with a business strategy for their speaking business. This person had quit their job because according to the person they had a very strong sense that speaking and inspiring people is what they were meant to be doing and they didn’t feel fulfilled in their job. […]

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Setting Up The New Facebook Call To Action Button

Hey, Have you started using the new Facebook  Cover Call-To-Action Button? It’s a really great tool to increase engagement and click-thru rates and right now it’s being rolled out first across the US and then the rest of the world. Here’s a quick video on how to set it up and a little tweak to make if […]

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Are You Really A Professional Coach, Speaker Or Trainer?

A few years ago when I worked in the corporate world as a Management & Leadership Development Specialist, my then manager, an amazing leader told me something that stuck with me. She said those of us who work in our space i.e. people development, have a lot of power and that calls for huge responsibilities. […]

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Is It Smart To Call Yourself A Life Coach?

Because I do a lot of work with coaches, speakers and trainers I have been opportune to visit a lot of websites owned by coaches who are trying to build a business around their passion of helping others. One thing I see that is very common is a lot of coaches branding themselves as ‘life […]

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2 Things You Must Focus On To Have A Phenomenal Business In 2015

There are many important elements of a successful business. Some of these elements include legal, finance, recruitment, web design, product innovation, inventory management, facilities management, marketing, training, credit control, information management. Obviously there are many more elements that are important for a business to be successful. However for you to achieve real business growth in […]

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Why Most Coaches Are Going To Have A Terrible Year In 2015

It’s December now and folks are excitedly looking forward to the New Year with new hope, anticipation and excitement. Many coaches have reviewed the year, set new hairy, audacious goals and they are set for a phenomenal year. The truth though is for 95 of every 100 coaches, 2015 is not going to be much different […]

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The 4 Part Profit Model For Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

Are You A Coach, Speaker or Trainer Who Wants To Build A Thriving, Meaningful And Profitable Business Helping Others? Here I share the 4-part profit model that I have used to build my business. Learn this and adapt it and I’m certain you’ll get great results as well. Part 1: Define your community Niche, tribe, […]

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