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Tips For Being A Great Speaker

Speaking has become one of the most viable and lucrative income streams in the coaching and consulting industry. Paid speaking, in fact, has the ability to quickly increase your visibility and credibility and position you as a expert in your industry.

We asked our Facebook community of thriving coaches, speakers, and authors to share their wisdom with newbies who want to get paid speaking opportunities. So what does it take to be a great speaker?  Here are their responses:

Tip 1: Prepare well in Advance

Olusegun Akinkugbe: Have one presentation you know inside out, so well prepared for that if you were given a moment’s notice, you would deliver with excellence.

Peter Wale Odetunde: Always be prepared to speak because opportunities come few and far between.

Olanike Adexa: Prepare well in advance and never be caught unawares.

Tip 2: Prepare to add value

Derek Smith: Believe in what you say and give, not take away!

Noah A Bello: Add value to people.

RiRi Okoye: I would like to add that its not about you. It’s about what you are giving out to others. The moment you get so consumed in yourself then your speech is likely to go wrong. Take your mind off yourself and think about what you are giving out.

Tip 3: Hire a coach or mentor and get training

Princess Bola Adelani: Hire a coach or get a mentor. Save your self time, pain and money. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. A coach will help you avoid mistakes, identify roadblocks, challenge you, motivate and equip you to master the strategies for success. In hiring a coach or mentor, follow this wisdom that I shared:

#WisdomWednesday: “No one can take you to a place that they have NEVER been”. It is not about what people say they can do for you, it is do they have a proven track record of results in their own lives that demonstrate that they can take you there!

For example, someone who is not earning 7 figures cannot teach you how to earn 7 figures. Someone who has not written a best seller book cannot teach you to become a best seller. Apply #WISDOM. Choose mentors and coaches carefully. Check for results in their own lives and make sure that they have been where they are trying to take you. You will save yourself a whole lot of pain and money. #TotalSuccess101.

Stephanie Hill Nchege: Join a public speaking group such as toast masters to help develop your speaking skill. Always do the training first.

Tip 4: Start Somewhere

Riri Okoye: Take baby steps. Once you get used to speaking to small crowds, before you know it, speaking to larger crowds will be a piece of cake. You don’t have to be a perfect speaker. You just have to know what you’re talking about.

Tip 5: Be authentic

Petra Foster: Don’t set out to please every person in your audience because that is impossible to do. Know the type of people that are in your audience, understand their pain points, give them solutions, give them takeaways, and give away lots of value.

As a personal brand your aim is to polarize and serve one type of audience. So speak directly to them, position yourself as the the expert, make them laugh and make an offer to work with you––yes from the stage if you have permission. If you have the opportunity, collect names and emails, and send them something a like a pdf, training or something.

Joanna Oliver: Be.Who.You.Are. Being yourself and being congruent is essential. Then even if you make a mistake, you will be ok….and on that note…yes, practice but also have an element of free flow. There is not much worse for your nerves than having a ‘set piece’ in your head, missing bits and then feeling like you’ve failed! Have your outline and some key phrases. Know your subject and then let yourself speak it in the moment smile emoticon.

Aji R Michael: Be Authentic

Ralene Faye Berry: Do you! Don’t be anyone else but you!

Tip 6: Be memorable and interesting

Nimo Warobi Authenticity: Where it is not interactive keep it interesting. It’s my belief that most people pay attention the first 45 minutes; whether they decide to listen to you is expressed via body language in less than five minutes. Use simple language to explain technical jargon. I have learned that sometimes, when addressing men, you need to learn their language in order to drive the point home. Flowery language doesn’t work; use words like drivers, impact etc

Soma Ghosh: Be memorable. I love it when I hear someone speak and they tell me something powerful about them. This stays with me––especially if they have overcome some challenges and achieved great things.

Tip 7: Know Your Stuff

Asiwaju Rasak Adekoya: Possess the knowledge of value & relevance.

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  • Thanks for bringing all of our ideas together, it is great to see this compilation 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Joanna! We have such a diverse group to talented folks who are good at what they do. All these tips are so important that I couldn’t have said them better!

  • Ibukun says:

    Very good curated comments and advice.

  • Martin Louw says:

    Thanks for these tips, I have been in the speaking and training business since 1974 when I joined Toastmasters. Have had the pleasure of attending seminars and obtaining material and meeting people like Norman Vincent Peal, Tom Peters, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Harvey Macay, Jim Rohn, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown and others. I now share what I have learnt with trainers, speakers teachers, preachers and all those who want to improve their presentation skills. I never stop learning, just this past weekend I attended a seminar presented by J T Foxx because when you’re green you’re growing and when you’re ripe you rot.
    Keep on growing and please register on my web site for free blogs for you to use as you wish. Sincerely, Martin Louw DTM

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