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The Different Webinars You Should be Running as a Coach, Speaker, or Consultant.

In the previous post, we talked about the 9 phases of a profitable webinar, why you should run webinars and how you should run them. In this post, you will learn the types of webinars you should be running to build and profit from your community.

Part 1: The pre-launch webinar

This webinar enables you to earn a lot of goodwill with the community that you’ve built at the moment and enables you to earn money on the side. This type of webinar is usually best employed when you want to sell a new product or service before you even launch it.

For example, there’s a new coaching program or online course that you will be launching next week. What you’ll do is put together a webinar targeted at your community. With a webinar like this, you don’t do any external promotions. If you’ve built a community that you’re serving, make the topic of your webinar relevant to their desire or the product that you’re about to launch.

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Part 2: Training-type webinars for product creation.

The whole idea behind this type of webinar is that you run a training series where you split your topics into several different sub-topics over different days. With these webinars, you schedule the training––which is usually a paid event.

When you promote this event and people pay to attend, you can record the trainings and package the audios of the program and sell it as a low-priced product.

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Part 3: Joint Venture Webinars

 You partner with someone to host and run a webinar. One person has a community and the other person has the expertise.

What usually happens is the person who has built a community would invite their community to the event with the expert as a guest.

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Look out for Part 2, where I share 3 more webinars you should be running.

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