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When Is The Right Time To Quit Your Job And Go Full Time?

Earlier today I spoke to someone who wanted me to help them with a business strategy for their speaking business. This person had quit their job because according to the person they had a very strong sense that speaking and inspiring people is what they were meant to be doing and they didn’t feel fulfilled in their job. […]

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The 4 Part Profit Model For Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

Are You A Coach, Speaker or Trainer Who Wants To Build A Thriving, Meaningful And Profitable Business Helping Others? Here I share the 4-part profit model that I have used to build my business. Learn this and adapt it and I’m certain you’ll get great results as well. Part 1: Define your community Niche, tribe, […]

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What I Would Do Differently Part 4

 The mistake many business owners make when starting a business is assuming they have a unique idea. A unique expression, Yes. A totally unique concept/idea, I’m not so sure about that. The fact is what you’re thinking about doing, most of the time, has already been done and it would be in your best interest to ride on […]

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Can Video Really Make a Difference for My Business?

  ​In a word, yes!   According to wordstream, “Social Video Generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.”   This means that all of the big social networks are focusing more and more on video because it drives a higher engagement than text and images.   So, including video on your social […]

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What I Would Do Differently Part 3

If you’re a creative, always brimming with new ideas, then you’ll enjoy this one too.  Too many times we have more ideas than we can have time for and it makes our efforts produce short sprints of success. If you’re just joining the series, I’m sharing what I would do differently knowing what I know now […]

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What I Would Do Differently Part 2

So you enjoyed the very first video in the series. Then you’ll enjoy this one too  (If you missed the first one you can watch it here) Basically in this series I’m sharing what I would do differently knowing what I know now if I were just starting out in business? Make sure you watch […]

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What I Would Do Differently

So here’s the question…. What would I do differently knowing what I know now if I were just starting out in business in 2002? I decided to do a short video series where I share a few things I’d do differently. Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or 2 Here’s the first one. Enjoy  

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How to Create, Leverage and Monetize Influence as a Coach

  If there’s anything that has changed the quality of the results I produce in the market place as a coach and consultant, it’s the realization that my success is no longer just about educating my market place or target audience. Today our success as coaches is tied more to our ability to create, leverage […]

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How to Map a Profitable System for Your Lead Prospecting Calls

When I first started out with Lead Prospecting I had a few note-books, business cards, telephone numbers, a phonebook, phone, email, a CRM and a access to the internet. Some prospecting calls were fruitful and others well, practice makes perfect !   Everything is in the:• Follow up• Your promise• The time you take to […]

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How to effectively use a virtual team to manage your coaching business

Building and developing the right virtual team can make or break your business. If you choose the wrong people, they can destroy what you have spent years building. On the flipside, the right people, bought into your vision, can elevate and scale your business more than you could imagine. In this post I am going […]

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How To Earn The Love and Respect of Your Followers and Subscribers

One of the biggest challenges many coaches and up-and-coming experts face is actually choosing the right posture when communicating with their followers. Do you position yourself as an authority that people; look up to and aspire to be like? Or do you come across as one of them so they feel like you understand them […]

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Business Growth Lessons from Facebook and Twitter

I want to talk about an important business growth lesson I’ve taken from Facebook and Twitter. This is crucial for every coach, speaker, trainer, author or consultant looking to build a successful business. Oftentimes we find ourselves in a situation where we go from being popular to fizzling out. Actually, the whole thing could be […]

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