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Business Growth Lessons from Facebook and Twitter

I want to talk about an important business growth lesson I’ve taken from Facebook and Twitter. This is crucial for every coach, speaker, trainer, author or consultant looking to build a successful business. Oftentimes we find ourselves in a situation where we go from being popular to fizzling out. Actually, the whole thing could be […]

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10 Reasons Why Most Coaches Aren’t Making Money.

Why are coaches struggling to make money? Do you know that 95% of coaches actually are not making money even though they have the expertise and ability to help people get results? And this is largely due to the influence of the internet, especially the social media. There is a low point of entry and […]

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3 Core Factors You Should Consider When Deciding Your Niche.

Deciding your niche or “niching” has become a buzzword in the coaching and consulting community as a way to hone in on a certain area of expertise, drive more traffic to blog posts, and . But before you make drastic changes to your business model or needle in on your core passion, you need to […]

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How To Determine Your Target Market

Most great coaches get terrible business results because they target the wrong people, they haven’t determined their target market. This 4 minute video shows you who to target if you want to multiply your income and never chase a sale again. Enjoy

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How to Generate a Regular Stream of Coaching and Consulting Clients Using Webinars

Looking to generate a regular stream of paying coaching and consulting clients? As a coach or consultant, your competence is based on the ability to help people make the transition from where they are to where they want to be. But the ability to generate a steady flow of income depends on adopting systems that […]

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Do You Have A Competitive Advantage or DisAdvantage

In this 5 minute video, DJ Sobanjo shares how to select a brilliant competitive advantage and how most coaches, speakers and trainers default to what is actually a competitive disadvantage. 

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How I Stopped Doing FREE Coaching Sessions and Started Getting Paid Instead.

  The first time I heard about using free strategy sessions to sell my coaching services, I felt I had been handed the keys to the Kingdom. I was ecstatic. And truth be told, offering free strategy sessions gave my business a much-needed boost. But offering free sessions had one major drawback that gave me […]

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What Is A Profit Pulling Pipeline and Why Is It Important To You?

One of the things that puzzled me was how many coaches, speakers and trainers who were really brilliant at what they did were not really making a lot of money. Now I’m not just talking about folks who were just starting but even many who were seemingly doing well with a ton of followers on […]

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How To Use Free Sessions To Enrol Clients Into Your Coaching Programs

Free sessions are an immense way of turning prospects into paid, long term clients. However, some coaches are doing it the wrong way.Before we delve into the step-by-step guide to using Before we delve into the step-by-step guide to using free sessions to enroll clients, here are the 3 main reasons why they are so […]

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The Secret Ingredient That Turns Your Passion Into A Profitable Business

Build a system, rent a system, buy a system. Whatever you do folks get a system. Your business without a system is like trying to walk from London to Paris on crutches.

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