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What I Would Do Differently Part 3

If you’re a creative, always brimming with new ideas, then you’ll enjoy this one too.¬† Too many¬†times we have more ideas than we can have time for and it makes our efforts produce short sprints of success. If you’re just joining the series, I’m sharing what I would do differently knowing what I know now […]

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3 Keys To Unlocking Your Coaching Business Success

[ez_youtube url=”” width=”100%” height=”560″ autoplay=”0″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″] Let me share something with you that will help you move quickly to success in your business, and also apprise you on the increasingly popular customer engagement trends that are de rigueur. I have observed especially in our industry, that people who are coaches, speakers, and writers desire […]

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How to tell people what you do as a coach

How To Respond To The “What Do You Do?” Question

SO WHAT DO YOU DO? As coaches, speakers and trainers who want to build a profitable business helping others, this is one question that we usually hope we get asked. In many 9-to-5 jobs and various networking circles, it is called the elevator pitch. Well, others, call it a business statement. We are always looking […]

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Are You Really A Professional Coach, Speaker Or Trainer?

A few years ago when I worked in the corporate world as a Management & Leadership Development Specialist, my then manager, an amazing leader told me something that stuck with me. She said those of us who work in our space i.e. people development, have a lot of power and that calls for huge responsibilities. […]

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