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What I Would Do Differently Part 3

If you’re a creative, always brimming with new ideas, then you’ll enjoy this one too. 

Too many times we have more ideas than we can have time for and it makes our efforts produce short sprints of success.

If you’re just joining the series, I’m sharing what I would do differently knowing what I know now if I were just starting out in business.

If you missed the first one you can watch it here)

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About the Author DJ Sobanjo

DJ Sobanjo is a leading personal and leadership development expert, author, speaker, coach and consultant. He has been engaging, inspiring and developing people across the world for over 14 years. He started his internet business journey in 2003 and after many false starts went on to build a successful global business online. In 2014 he started Profit From Coaching to help other coaches, speakers and trainers build a profitable business around their passion of helping others.

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