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7 Powerful Yet Free Ways to Add Up to 3,000 People to Your Community Subscriber List in 12 Months.

There is lots of information and courses on how to grow and build a list and people have made a fortune by teaching this. But first, what is a subscriber list? Call it a mailing list, a subscriber list, or an email list; you’re talking about the same thing. A subscriber list is a targeted group of people interested […]

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The Different Webinars You Should be Running as a Coach, Speaker, or Consultant.

In the previous post, we talked about the 9 phases of a profitable webinar, why you should run webinars and how you should run them. In this post, you will learn the types of webinars you should be running to build and profit from your community. Part 1: The pre-launch webinar This webinar enables you […]

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Tips For Being A Great Speaker

Speaking has become one of the most viable and lucrative income streams in the coaching and consulting industry. Paid speaking, in fact, has the ability to quickly increase your visibility and credibility and position you as a expert in your industry. We asked our Facebook community of thriving coaches, speakers, and authors to share their […]

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How to Effectively Use Instagram – for Authors, Speakers, Coaches and Consultants

There is now an increase in the number of professional coaches, authors, speakers and consultants who are making use of Instagram as a tool in promoting their personal brands, engaging their audience and building an email list of potential customers and getting results from it, that is, Instagram. But before you jump on and start […]

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Information is the life blood of the media. The media are very good marketing channel for coaches to consider because they can help reach larger audiences. In addition they can give you coaching brand creditability and recognition. Furthermore they can position you as thought leader in the coaching industry. Having a feature published can lead […]

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How To Deliver Effective & Engaging Presentations

Lately I’ve had quite a number of people ask me how to deliver great presentations. While checking through some of my old videos, I found a recording of a webinar I did for my church, Gateway Chapel which was titled “How To Deliver Effective & Engaging Presentation”. I watch it back and felt it would be […]

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3 Business Factors You Should Measure Regularly

As we transition from one season to another there are quite a number of things you must evaluate to measure the health of your business. Here I recorded a short video highlighting 3 important criteria you should use to measure the health of your business.

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Beware Of The Shiny Object Syndrome

This big mistake is stopping many brilliant coaches, speakers and trainers from tapping into their amazing potential. Be aware and re- position yourself for success.

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2 Things You Must Focus On To Have A Phenomenal Business In 2015

There are many important elements of a successful business. Some of these elements include legal, finance, recruitment, web design, product innovation, inventory management, facilities management, marketing, training, credit control, information management. Obviously there are many more elements that are important for a business to be successful. However for you to achieve real business growth in […]

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