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How mastering the art of copywriting can make your content more irresistible

Irresistible content that connects doesn’t have to be long. We know this already. In fact, the difference between a course or program that sells and one that bums can be just a couple of words. I see a lot of questions in several Facebook groups talking about whether to hire a copywriter or invest in […]

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10 types of lead magnets that are guaranteed to grow your email list

Lead magnets are one of the fastest ways to attract an audience and build your tribe. Few weeks ago, we published an article on How to craft the perfect lead magnet and listed some examples of lead magnets that are employed by many coaches, business strategists, and online marketers. In this post, we will delve into […]

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How to craft the perfect lead magnet for your coaching business.

What is a lead magnet? How can I create the perfect lead magnet? What should I give away as a lead magnet? How long should the perfect lead magnet be? These are some of the questions running through your mind––rightfully so, and this post contains all the answers to those questions. First, what is a […]

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3 Core Factors You Should Consider When Deciding Your Niche.

Deciding your niche or “niching” has become a buzzword in the coaching and consulting community as a way to hone in on a certain area of expertise, drive more traffic to blog posts, and . But before you make drastic changes to your business model or needle in on your core passion, you need to […]

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Tips For Being A Great Speaker

Speaking has become one of the most viable and lucrative income streams in the coaching and consulting industry. Paid speaking, in fact, has the ability to quickly increase your visibility and credibility and position you as a expert in your industry. We asked our Facebook community of thriving coaches, speakers, and authors to share their […]

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