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Thank you for interest in writing for Profit from Coaching. Our articles are of the highest quality and focused on providing value to our readers.

Now, since our readers are diverse, we’d love you to inject your personality into your writing while keeping these in mind. 

We are building one of the biggest platforms for coaches, speakers and consultants where they can learn strategies, engage with the PFC community and get practical tips on how they can grow a successful business doing what they love most. In order to make this happen, every topic we write has to be of interest to our readers and provide some true value. If you think you can give us an article/post/resource, then you’re just the right person we’re looking for!

You don’t have to be a professional writer to be a part of the PFC family. You could be a thought leader with expertise to share, a speaker/coach with experience to share, or an industry expert with insights and tips that would enhance our readers.

We would love to welcome you onboard.


Guideline for Guest Posts

  • Original content never published anywhere else, at least 500 words long. List posts, tutorials, how-to posts will always resonate with our audience. And if an article is accepted for publication on the PFC blog, that article must not later be republished / reproduced anywhere else without express written agreement with PFC
  • It must be written in standard English with appropriate grammar; no slang, no curse words, and devoid of slander.
  •  No stealing or sharing other peoples articles. We encourage originality and strictly abhor dishonesty. Be original please.
  • Don’t send vague, surface level articles: Our mission is to provide high quality content to the world that has real substance based on personal experience and/or professional expertise. We are not about content for content sake, nor about linking to create traffic. We’re on a heart-led mission to give people worthwhile content to reflect on and/or apply, to genuinely add value for a better life and a better world.
  • Use high definition images that you have permission to use. (If you do not have access to any pictures, we can provide appropriate images).
  • No slamming, shaming, name-calling, or ridiculing others subtly disguised as “What you shouldn’t do…” posts. We absolutely are not about sarcastic, dictatorial, or polarising approaches that create division. Our articles are about enlightening and empowering our readers and not about tearing others down

Guest Posting for the First time? Here’s How to Pitch

  1. Share the titles of up to 3 articles you could write for us using the form below
  2. Also share links to articles you have written previously (These could even be social media posts)
  3. If we like what we see we will then get in touch and invite you to submit an article for publication.
  4. Once you write the article and submitted it and it meets our requirements a contributor account would be created for you. If not, you will get a brief reason of why it didn’t make the cut and how you can make it better
  5. If you choose to respond, you make re-edits based on the recommendations and re-send it.
  6. If it passes this time, you will get a contributor account set up for you and receive login details with additional instructions.
  7. Your article will receive last round edits to catch typos and funny phrases, and you will be notified before it goes live.

Happy writing!

Ruth Zubairu
Head of Content, Profit From Coaching

Write For PFC

  • Share up to 3 potential blog titles that you could write about (The more titles we receive, the more likely you are to be accepted)
  • Simply explain the key benefit of each potential article to our readers
  • Please share the URLs of up to 4 previously published articles. These could be blog posts or even social media posts that you're really proud of