Join Other Coaches At DJ Sobanjo's Next  Profit Pulling Pipeline 3 Day Bootcamp And Position Yourself For Coaching Business Success In 2016

Build a 100% complete Profit Pulling Pipeline that generates
traffic, converts them to leads and upgrades them to clients on auto-pilot.

About The Profit Pulling Pipeline 3 Day Bootcamp

This is not a knowledge based training program. No...

This is a 3 Day intensive implementation bootcamp.

Over the 3 Days I will work with 6 coaches to build a complete funnel with landing pages, upsell pages, multiple automated follow up emails for different levels of prospects.

This funnel will enable you enroll targeted leads into your community everyday, fill up your discovery session spots and upgrade them to your high ticket programs almost on complete auto-pilot.


Here's What We Will Do Over The 3 Days...

Day 1:

  • Setting up all the pages
  • Crafting the copy for all the pages
  • setting up the calendar scheduling and integrating the scheduler into website

Day 2:

  • Creating all the follow up emails for the different sequences
  • Setting up all the email automations
  • Linking all the emails to the various pages and scheduler created on Day 1
  • Setting up PayPal payments and linking to email autoresponder

Day 3

  • Testing & tweaking the funnel
  • Setting up Facebook & Twitter pixels for retargeting
  • Setting up Facebook ad campaigns
  •  Training on using discovery/strategy sessions to sell high ticket programs

Here's What We Will Do Before The Bootcamp...

I will

  • Provide a training video on how to craft a winning lead magnet
  • Provide a training video on how to create customer avatars/profiles/personas
  • Provide a training video on how to create a company profile
  • Provide a video on how to install OptimizePress on your WordPress installation

These are all essential to ensure we build the funnels within 3 days so if anyone is stuck doing any of the above, I will personally jump on the phone with them to help them get unstuck

You will:

  •  create and upload your lead magnet (the training videos will guide you to do this) if you don't already have this
  • Get an e-cover designed for your lead magnet (you can get this done on Fiverr)
  • Set up your PayPal account to be able to collect money online
  • Identify your top 4-7 videos, blog posts or other content and come along with the web links to this content
  • install OptimizePress on your WordPress site

Everything else will be done live during the Bootcamp


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