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Get £50 Off 'Profit From Coaching' And Get A £250 Strategy Session With Me FREE Today

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1 of a 4 Part Audio Training Program For Coaches

Check Out The Other 3 Audios From The Profit From Coaching Audio Program

  • The 2-Step Coaching Marketing System

    There is a lot fo advice out there about how to market and grow a business. The truth is most of that advice is out of date and impractical. You will only end up wasting your time and your money with little or no results to show.
    Here you will learn how to set up your lean but powerful 2-step marketing system that can be up and running in 2 days or less that has the capacity to support a 6 figure business.

  • How To Attract A Steady Stream Of Prospects

    Prospects are the lifeblood of any business including your coaching business.

    How many new prospective clients would you like to interview every week? 5, 10, 20 or even more?

    Here you will learn 7 proven prospecting strategies you can employ immediately to start generating multiple streams of prospective clients who are genuinely interested in your coaching services.

  • How To Turn Prospects Into Paying Clients

    In business you need to focus on

    a) How to get prospective clients interested in what you have to offer and

    b) How to convert them into paying clients.

    This training will present a simple formula that will help you to gain paying clients without being a pest and without feeling salesy!

These 3 Audios' + 'Targeting & Packaging For Maximum Profits' Make up the 'Profit From Coaching' Audio Training Program.

The No. 1 Essential training program for coaches who are serious about building a profitable full time business around their passion of helping others.

Normal Price For The Whole Program = £77

Today You Get £50 Off! You Pay Only £27

You Also Get A Free 1-1 Coaching Business Strategy Session (Skype or Phone) Worth £250

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DJ Sobanjo

DJ Sobanjo

So What Do You Get From This 60 Minute Coaching Business Strategy Session?

If you want to

  • - Position yourself as the go to expert in your field?
  • - Build an automated online system that generates a steady stream of paying clients?
  • - Build a massive following offline and online that translates into income?
  • - Make a bigger difference in more peoples lives and get financially compensated for it?
  • - Be able to generate a full time income from your coaching business so you can leave your job?

Then this is for you…I will personally work with you to help you design the business you really want starting now.Then I’ll show you how to take your business to a whole new level of success.

And…I do this for you 100% FREE when you order the Profit From Coaching Audio Series at the special £50 discount.

Here’s How It's Going To Work

The first thing I’m going to do is get you on the phone or on Skype with me.

I’m going to spend time listening to where you are and then I will give you specific strategies to get you where you want to be. These plans will help you turn your business around immediately.

You will get unusual clarity regarding some of things holding you back in your business and the exact steps to take to turn things around. I call this the ‘Re-Position Your Business’ Strategy Session.

My rates are usually £250 an hour however there’s absolutely no charge for this and it only takes 60 minutes to do together.

At the end of this initial planning session one of these three things will happen:

1. You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, I’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with me to let me know how you’re doing.

2. You love the plan and ask to become a client so I can personally help you execute, maximize, and benefit from it ASAP. If that’s the case, I’ll Astound you …and that’s a promise. I’ve never had an unhappy client that works the system.

3. In the unlikely and unprecedented event that you feel like I have wasted your time, I will refund you the £27 you paid for the Profit From Coaching Audio program. No questions asked. Your time is the most valuable asset you have, and I respect that. It really is that simple and there’s no catch. In fact you get to keep the audios

Think about this.
The “worst” that can happen is you get one of my most powerful training programs free of charge for “wasting” 60 minutes of your time.

The best that can happen is we work together one on one to create an incredible coaching business for you.

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