Discovery Call Script Template

Hey congratulations!

What you have in your hands has been developed over an 18 year period

Your discovery session, sometimes referred to as the clarity call is probably the biggest difference maker when it comes to buyer conversions.

The way it is handled and the overall experience your prospect has could determine the whether you make $10 or $10,000 talking to the same number of people.

I’m assuming you would rather make more money.

You’ll love using this Discovery Call Script Template.

This template will help you structure the session, give you some specific questions you should ask and guide you to craft relevant questions that fit you and what you offer.

Let me quickly point out…

This is not just something I plucked out of the sky or compiled using Google search.

I’ve developed this unique methodology over an 18 year period. I’ve successfully used it to acquire big corporate clients, small business clients as well as individual end users across different industries.

19 buyers from 20 discovery calls!

My goal with this script template is simple: Help you make more money by acquiring more buyers using discovery calls.

My conversion rate from Discovery Calls is a ridiculous 95% (It’s okay if you find it hard to believe, even I’d find it hard to believe if I were told that 15 years ago)

I expect that as you use this script template to create your Discovery Call script, you will start converting more prospects to buyers using Discovery Calls

So let’s get into it.


This template is broken into 5 sections, These sections represent the 5 parts of a good Discovery Call as outlined in my book – Discovery Call Magic. 

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Step one – Create a Powerful Connection

The focus in this initial stage is to break down invisible barriers and connect with the prospect as you come into the conversation, whether it is a video call, a telephone call, or face-to-face maybe in a coffee shop, does not matter.

This is basically where you say hello and try to get both of you relaxed and open to having a good conversation.

Here are a few good questions:

“Hey, how are you doing?” and, “How easy was it for you to get here?”

The second question is a very simple question but is one that triggers conversation and it is also non-threatening. “How easy was it for you to get here?”  is a question that really helps to move the conversation along. It is non threatening, and it helps people to relax, before asking the next question, which is:

“How did you come across me in the first place?” or, “How did you find me?”

Go ahead and write in your Connection Questions below:


Step two – Determine their Expectations

Next, we progress to step two, which is where you are going to determine their expectations, what do they actually want to get from this session with you?

So, it is a simple question we ask here and this is a question where they verbally express, for the first time, that they need your help. That is what we are looking to do here. This is the question I ask:

“We have about 30 minutes together. What is it you are hoping to gain from this time with me, that will make you say to yourself this has been worth my time?”

You don’t need a template box for this section, simply ask the question above exactly as is and allow the prospect do 2 things

  1. Express their desire and expectation
  2. Express that they need your help

Key: make sure you confirm their expectation by saying it back to them and getting at least a nod from them.

Step three – Conduct a Powerful Inquiry

This is the most important part of the conversation because this is where they admit that they need help, they express their frustrations and how they have been trying to figure things out for themselves, before speaking to you and it is where they explain why they need you to help them.

This is where your services will sell themselves, so you do not need to sell them. Your enquiry will establish why they need help and from there, you will ask a few core questions, to be asked in the order I present below and I assure you that you will gain some really brilliant results.

The Opening Question:

“You said in the questionnaire, that you are trying to (Whatever it Is that they aspire to…) but you have the frustration of (whatever it is).  Can you tell me a little more about that?”

To illustrate, here is an example, related to someone who wants to lose weight.

“You said in the questionnaire that you are trying to lose weight but you have tried different diets and none of them seem to work. Tell me a little more about that.”

Or one that I have actually said a few times

“You said in your questionnaire that you are trying to use webinars to secure clients but you have run so many webinars and people register but they do not show up and even when they show up they don’t buy. Tell me a little more about that.”

Whichever example, what you will notice is that once you have asked the core question and ask them to tell you a little more about their situation, then you just listen.

Now write out your own opening question here:


You must really listen, you are like a doctor right now and what you are doing is conducting an inquiry because the symptoms they give you determine what you diagnose and so, the more you can find out, the better the diagnosis.

So, you have to ask very good questions and this question is the best one to open with but what you also want to do, is you want to probe. You want to probe for breadth and you also want to probe for depth, so you probe wide and you probe deep by asking further questions based on their initial response to your first question.

After probing, the next 2 questions are critical

  1. How does this make you feel? (This is important because you want to get your prospects emotionally connected to their pain as well as their aspirations. Intellectual connection brings clarity but it’s emotional connection that gets people to actually take action)
  2. How committed are you to overcoming this frustration? (There’s no point moving to the next step without the prospect vocalising their commitment to their goal, immediately after expressing their frustration and how it makes them feel)

Once you get their commitment, it’s now time to move to Step 4.

Step 4: Show Them The Way

This is where you give them clarity.

This is where you give them hope.

This is hugely essential. You must understand that you are like a doctor. For them, their challenge is their reality, it is their pain and it is their frustration. They’ve shared their pain and frustration with you, now they are looking to you for help out of the situation. They need you to show them the way. They need you to be their guiding light.

Similarly, when I go to see a doctor with my banging headache and I have tried different things and I go in. All I know is I have a headache and I have tried everything, from ibuprofen to paracetamol and it just is not working.

I am struggling to sleep at night and I am struggling to work during the day because my head is pounding and that is how I feel.  When I see a doctor and the doctor asks me all these different questions and I do not understand where they are going with these questions but I just answered the questions and they wait, right?

Then, when I am done answering all these questions, the doctor now gives me feedback and this is actually the equivalent of progressing to step four, where the doctor helps me based upon the questions they have asked me and tells me what I need the problem is, what the likely cause is and what I need to do next.

In your call, step four is when you are going to now share with them what is wrong and then what they need to do. You are going to give them relief, you are going to give them clarity and you are going to give them hope.

There are 3 parts to this process

Like the brilliant doctor that you are, you  must explain

  1. What their situation is
  2. Why they’re in that situation
  3. What they need to do to get out of that situation

Step 5 – Complete the Upgrade

Now, if you have taken steps one to four, step five Is sweet and you really need to do no selling, whatsoever but you ask the next question, “So, what is it you are really hoping to achieve 90 days from now?

Then follow that with this question: “How will you feel when you are able to achieve that.”

Then the next question is, “How would you want me to help you to achieve that?”, which is you basically asking them an open question, rather than saying, “Would you want me to help you?”, which is a closed question and will generate a response of “yes” or “no”.

Once they have told you how they want you to help them and it could be anything; people say all sorts of different things. What you then say is, “Okay what we need to do next is get together for a (whatever the name you call your paid session), What that means is…..” and then you basically explain what they want and what is going to help them achieve whatever it is that they told you they want you to help them with.

That’s all there is!

Use this, adapt it and you will see improvements immediately in the quality of your conversations with prospects and convert more buyers from your Discovery Calls.

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