Coaches Elevator Pitch Generator

Enter the name of the community you solve problems for


Examples: Primary School Teachers | Parents of teenagers | Women |Graduates |


Describe the main aspiration, dream or desire of your community that you’re committed to helping them attain 


Examples: Live debt free | Buy a new house| Get a promotion at work| Raise amazing kids|


Describe the biggest challenge, difficulty or frustration that’s holding them back from reaching their goals (In the present continuous tense)

Examples: struggling with stubborn baby fat| not qualified for bank credit| consistently being turned down for job interviews| struggling to get anyone to buy their products


Describe Your Solution Tip: Try to use a catchy phrase


Examples: 3 Step Debt Elimination Program| Proven Client Attraction System| Low Carbs Weight Loss Approach| 90 Day Career Coaching Program


How Long Would It Take To Reach Their Goal With Your Solution


Examples: 90 days or less| a few minutes| only 3 weeks| record time