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DJ Sobanjo is not only knowledgeable about his message but incredibly passionate about excellence in business and having a sound marketing strategy.

I believe many businesses fail not because their ideas are not great but because the marketing strategy is slack. DJ fixes that.

His simple yet effective strategies are guaranteed to help you pinpoint what you can do immediately to increase your visibility both online and offline!

Noreen Mak’Osewe, www.TheMotivationalListener.com

As an intuitive, I still researched  whether DJ was the right coach for me to spend my money on and place my confidence in.  I wanted rapid on-line results in a way that it increased my finances.

DJs very personal and professional approach to help me with my packaging of products which turned into real financial gains,  This worked almost immediately.  He is a good trainer, turning coaching products to a successful coaching business – way up  to the very next level and often beyond that.

In addition, thank you DJ.  Our coaching sessions were always about ME, not about you.  You are a master at that.  I cannot really thank you enough.  I’ve been  an international coach for around 15 years now so I continue to be amazed at just how much you shared and I learned from you.

Jackie Dunn, http://jackiedunnonline.com

I have seen DJ running workshops and Seminars, and DJ comes across as a very professional person. I love his passion and motivation, DJ’s communication skills are the best and I have seen many people talk at seminars over the years.

DJ has helped develop my business skills over the past years, so that now I own and run four companies. I would have no hesitation in recommending DJ for any of his services to any of my friends or clients.
Thank you DJ for all you have done for me.

Darren Taylor

I had always desired to be a coach and a writer and wanted to write things that people around the world would read.

A good friend recommended I speak to DJ Sobanjo.

DJ’s marketing strategy gave me the tools I needed to make my dream come true.

I currently write for my blog weekly, write for a Newspaper and I’m attracting more offers to share my knowledge with others. This all came about when DJ showed me workable marketing strategies to grow my business.

I would definitely recommend him.

Tokunbo Osunbayo, http://moneystartinfo.com

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