The 7 Day Client Acquisition Challenge Upgrade Package For Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

Special Advanced Client Acquisition Offer... Put Your Client Enrolment On Steroids With These Special Offers

Generate Leads And Upgrade Them To Clients Even When You Sleep

Offer 1: Profit Pulling Pipeline Design Session

Are you a Coach or Consultant, but you're struggling to generate targeted leads and convert them to paying clients?

Let's get together for 2 hours on Skype or face to face in Kent.

I will sit down with you and design  your own  Profit Pulling Pipeline Client Acquisition Funnel - a system that will help you generate leads and upgrade them to clients even when you sleep 


START to Sell More Of Your Products, Events, Books And Coaching Services Now!

Winning Webinar System

Imagine this...

You host a webinar and only about 50 people show up.

All 50 seem very eager and excited to be there. You teach them, sharing your knowledge and expertise with them and at the end you make an offer for them to get your $300 home study course and 20 of them buy immediately - You just made $6,000.

Having hosted over 1,000 webinars since 2002 and made over £200,000 from webinar sales alone since 2012, I have now taken everything I have learnt about webinars that sell and structured it into an easy to follow online course.

Work through each module step-by-step and join so many others wo are running Winning Webinars that sell.


Master The Skills To Easily Enroll More Clients On Your Most Expensive Programs In One Day 

Offer 2: Consultative Selling For Coaches 1 day Training

Have you ever wondered how some coaches easily sell their $10K programs and you're struggling to sell your $100 coaching sessions?

The secret is mastering consultative selling. This has been the main secret to us building a six figure business.

On Friday the 11th of November, I will show  12 coaches how to implement consultative selling so they can also start enrolling  high corporate and individual clients


Start Making Serious Money Quickly And Establish Yourself As A Credible Authority in 7 Days

Offer 4: Premium Online Course in 7 Days

Do you know that the fastest way to start making a good part time income for a busy coach, speaker or trainer is by creating and selling your own Premium Online Course?

Now you can design, create and set up your own $100-$1000 premium online course in 7 days using this comprehensive, practical course as your guide.

Join many other coaches who are now making an extra $20K-$100K a year, part time from their own Premium Online Course.