Accelerated Coaching Business Growth

Apply Below for a Mid-Year Business Review & Planning Session with DJ Sobanjo

DJ Sobanjo is the founder of Profit From Coaching - A company focused on helping heart-centred coaches build a profitable money making business around their passion of helping others.

His areas of genius include: 

  • Business Strategy: Developing a game-plan that works for you and helps you win well and win quick
  • Accelerated Business Breakthroughs: Helping you get unstuck and re-positioned for speedy growth
  • Business Skills Development: A top trainer in the coaching business space. He helps you develop the skills & expertise you need to grow a successful business

His mission with Profit From Coaching is to help 100 coaches build a full time coaching business by July 2018 and this will be achieved by providing skill development through training, developing business startegies that work for clients and building systems that provide business leverage and accelerate growth.