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4) We'll then discuss how my "Mentoring Program" works and if I'm a good fit for you as a mentor and you are a good fit for me and my mentoring approach and program. It's a program that really transforms people , their business and their income but it's not for everyone.

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I have had the considerable pleasure and enormous luck to be part of DJ's Mentoring Program.. DJ gets you to see things from a different perspective, guiding you to create all the systems you need in place from which to build a sustainable and successful business.

His style is very easy to follow and certainly gets results.Without his guidance and mentoring, I would almost certainly have had to give up by now.

What really makes DJ stand out, however, is the way he takes a deep personal interest in the progress and success of all of his mentees - he is always very accessible and ready to discuss and advise at any time.Thank you DJ for everything- the basics, the systems, the strategies, and the results!

Keith Blakemore-Noble 
Confidence & Phobia Coach

Since joining DJ's Mentoring Program, I have a much improved approach.

After helping me highlight a few blind spots that have slowed my progress and helped me set measurable goals while identifying the right tools to help me reach them. I am on track with my 12 month plan and I would highly recommend DJ to any coach or trainer who wants to work with results focused and passionate leader.

Donovan Grant 
Career Coach