I'm Launching My New Book

I NEED Your Help!

I’m about to commence another project as we begin 2018. I’ll be launching a new book called Discover Call Magic.

This is a book that I expect to revolutionise the coaching industry. This will address one of the biggest challenges and frustration that coaches face - converting prospects to buyers.

So I’ve taken my unique non-selling approach to Discovery Calls that has enabled me to be able to convert 95% of my discovery calls into buyers and put it into a book.

Discovery Call Magic Book

In the book I  have structured it into a simple step by step template that coaches can follow, implement and use to convert more of their discovery calls into buyers of their coaching products and services with ease and without resorting manipulative selling tactics.

I'm launching the book in January 2018 and I really want it to be a brilliant launch.

I’ve realised I can’t do all by myself. I need HELP. I really NEED HELP!

I'm really wondering if you can help me.

The launch date for this project is 31st January 2018. However, I’m

assembling a launch team now to work towards making this a brilliant and successful event.

By way of definition, a launch team is a hand­-picked group of volunteers who are willing and able to contribute to a successful book launch. I'm looking for individuals who have been following me for a while, from a few days up to a few years.

Here are some of the things I will be needing help with:

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    To come up with creative ideas that can contribute to a successful launch.
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    Connect with influencers and potential partners who could help us reach a wider audience.
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    Design graphic images for social media and other promotional campaigns.
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    Copywriting for social media, web and email
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    Blog reviewers and social media reviewers (who would actually read the book and write comprehensive reviews and share with their audience)
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    Joint Venture Partners (if you have an existing audience that would benefit from reading this book, I would like to share the book with your audience and share the profits)
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    And any other  specialised skill that you believe would  add value to the team.

In exchange for your input and help, I’m offering the following : 

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    Free copy of my book.  
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    Free access to me during the launch where I provide  advice and support to help you with your business in 2018.
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    Free access to my £197 5 hour "Strategic Business Profitability Design Program"
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    An opportunity to be an affiliate partner and make money as you share the book with your community.

Would you like to be a part of my launch team?

 If yes, please complete the short form below, letting me know how you will contribute to the team and when accepted, you will be added to the Secret Facebook Group.

I’m excited and looking forward to using this book to transform so many lives as you and I share it with the world. 

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