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The Profit From Coaching ACADEMY Faculty

What is Profit From Coaching?

Profit from Coaching (PFC) is a fast growing community of over 5,000 coaches, authors and trainers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others and getting paid very well as they do so.

Over the last 5 years we have run over 100 value packed live online training classes, over 1,000 paying students and hundreds of success stories from around the world.

Over the next 5 years our focus is going to be on the Academy.

What is The Profit from Coaching Academy?

The PFC Academy is the educational arm of Profit From Coaching.

PFC Academy is positioned to be the biggest platform for educating coaches, authors and trainers looking to grow their business.

The key to this is bringing the best of the best expert teachers and trainers in the areas of business  and other relevant subjects (you) and have them share their insights with our ever growing and highly engaged community.

Who Can Join The PFC Faculty?


Well, not just anyone. (We're really big on giving value to members of The PFC Academy... that's how we have grown over the past 5 years.)

But really if  you

  1. have something of value to help coaches, consultants, authors and trainers build a profitable business or to have an all round good quality of life as they build their business
  2. you have a good track record of helping others in the area(s) of your expertise and
  3. you are good at communicating and teaching others
  4.  then we look forward to having you on board!

Then we'd love to invite you to join our faculty.

Whether it's how to grow their business online or offline, how to balance their work and family life effectively, how to hire and manage a team or even how to manage their income, whatever it is, as long as it can make a difference to out community members... we'd be delighted to have you! :-)

Why Join The PFC Faculty?

Expand Your Leadership Influence

The PFC Academy platform will expose you, your expertise and your brand to a community of  over 5,000 Coaches, Authors and Trainers...

Many of who lead thriving communities themselves and have built a significant following. 

We promote our faculty members, sharing their knowledge and insight on our social platforms and via email to our subscribers thus exposing you, your brand and your expertise to our community.

And finally when you run your class(es), you will have the opportunity to share your wisdom with our members and thus establish your credibility and authority with a whole new audience

Make Money As You Help Others

Without a shadow of doubt, as you expose your brilliance and wisdom to a whole new audience you will attract clients and customers who may have never had the chance to get to know you.

With access to over 5,000 Coaches, Authors and Trainers, the opportunities are endless... Affiliate partnerships? Product Launches? New Speaking Deals?

Just name it and you can have it!

Not only do we automatically set up our Faculty as affiliate partners so you generate income from everyone you refer to the Academy but also as we promote the Academy, you will be the face of our academy, generating more brand recognition which also enhances your marketplace value.

And finally, there will be wonderful opportunities for you to create strategic partnerships with us at PFC and other faculty members which could help you make more money and expand your business.

Make A Big Difference In People's Lives

If you're like us and most of our community, your primary motivation isn't money, but the opportunity to make a big difference in your world and in people's lives.

Imagine how much difference you would be making in the world if even just one coach, author or trainer takes what you share and turns their business fortune around and comes back to say "Because of you I made it!"

How would that make you feel? Ecstatic?

This is your chance...

So How Does It Work?

Every week we host at least one 30-90 minute live online class run by one of our faculty - an expert trainer like you.

The class recording is then made available to all 5,000 members for 24 hours after the class so those who weren't able to attend live can watch the replay.. 

After the 24 hour period this training is then made unavailable except to our Academy Gold members (this is a paid level).

Please note that as a Faculty member you are automatically registered as an affiliate so when you share and promote the Academy, you make money when your referals upgrade to Gold membership.

You can check out the Academy registration page here

Imagine how much difference you would be making in the world if even just one coach, author or trainer takes what you share and turns their business fortune around and comes back to say "Because of you I made it!"

How would that make you feel? Ecstatic?

This is your chance...

Who Are Other Members of The PFC Faculty?

​DJ Sobanjo,
Sales and Conversion Consultant

​Shayla Locklear, ​
Business and Marketing Transformation Consultant

Martin Stellar,
Business Coach for Ambitious Creatives

​Josh Hamilton,
​CHEK ​Coach

​​Michelle Raymond,
​HR Consultant and Business Growth Specialist

​Your Name,
​Your Area of Expertise

​​Victor Ekpo Bassey,
Founder ​Higly Paid Experts Network

​Ben Geoghegan, Founder ​GetMoreHRClients.com

​Your Name,
​Your Area of Expertise

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