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Thank you for interest in writing for Profit from Coaching. Our articles are of the highest quality and focused on providing value to our readers.

Now, since our readers are diverse, we’d love you to inject your personality into your writing while keeping these in mind.

We love to explore these topics

  • Strategy and Systems.
  • Growth and Engagement
  • Launching and Sales
  • Mindset and Productivity

Guideline for Guest Posts

  • Your posts must be between 500 – 1500 words.
  • It must be written in standard English with appropriate grammar; no slang, no curse words, and devoid of slander.
  • Be original please. No stealing or sharing articles that have already appeared somewhere else. We encourage originality and strictly abhor dishonesty.
  • No slamming, shaming, name-calling, or ridiculing other internet marketers subtly disguised as “What you shouldn’t do…” posts.

Guest Posting for the First time? Here’s How to Pitch

  1. Send your first guest post/article in the body of an email to margaret.olat@profitfromcoaching.com. What we will need from you is your website (if you have one), email address, and any social media platform(s) of choice.  Your subject headline should be, “Guest Post PFC: Blog Post Title.”
  2. To make good use of your time, we recommend sending us an outline of your idea AND how you plan to develop it. Your subject line should be, “Guest Post PFC: Proposed Title.”
  3. If your pitch has been approved you will get a response. If not, you will get a brief reason of why it didn’t make the cut and how you can make it better.
  4. If you choose to respond, you make re-edits based on the recommendations and re-send it.
  5. If it passes this time, you will get a contributor account set up for you and receive login details with additional instructions.
  6. Your article will receive last round edits to catch typos and funny phrases, and you will be notified before it goes live.

Happy writing!

Margaret Olatunbosun
Content Marketing Manager