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Coaching Business Success For Beginners

COACHING BUSINESS SUCCESS: Are you just starting out in business or have you been in business for a while but not getting good results – making the kind of money you want to make? These days it is easy to get caught up in distractions. If your major business goal is income generation, there are […]

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Facebook Groups Or Email Lists – Which is more important?

Which is more important Facebook Group or Email List? To build your business, what should you focus your attention on, what should you make your priority – bringing more people into your Facebook Group or building your email list? Remember, each platform has a unique purpose it serves: (a) Your email List is the POWERHOUSE […]

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How to tell people what you do as a coach

How To Respond To The “What Do You Do?” Question

SO WHAT DO YOU DO? As coaches, speakers and trainers who want to build a profitable business helping others, this is one question that we usually hope we get asked. In many 9-to-5 jobs and various networking circles, it is called the elevator pitch. Well, others, call it a business statement. We are always looking […]

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How To Determine Your Target Market

Most great coaches get terrible business results because they target the wrong people, they haven’t determined their target market. This 4 minute video shows you who to target if you want to multiply your income and never chase a sale again. Enjoy

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7 Powerful Yet Free Ways to Add Up to 3,000 People to Your Community Subscriber List in 12 Months.

There is lots of information and courses on how to grow and build a list and people have made a fortune by teaching this. But first, what is a subscriber list? Call it a mailing list, a subscriber list, or an email list; you’re talking about the same thing. A subscriber list is a targeted group of people interested […]

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How to Generate a Regular Stream of Coaching and Consulting Clients Using Webinars

Looking to generate a regular stream of paying coaching and consulting clients? As a coach or consultant, your competence is based on the ability to help people make the transition from where they are to where they want to be. But the ability to generate a steady flow of income depends on adopting systems that […]

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The Different Webinars You Should be Running as a Coach, Speaker, or Consultant.

In the previous post, we talked about the 9 phases of a profitable webinar, why you should run webinars and how you should run them. In this post, you will learn the types of webinars you should be running to build and profit from your community. Part 1: The pre-launch webinar This webinar enables you […]

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How to Design & Deliver a High Converting Webinar

When it comes to building your email list and converting them into paid customers, webinars have become the number one list-building activity. With webinars, you can position yourself as a credible expert, offer extremely valuable content that empowers attendees, and make targeted and irresistible offers for products and packages.

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Do You Have A Competitive Advantage or DisAdvantage

In this 5 minute video, DJ Sobanjo shares how to select a brilliant competitive advantage and how most coaches, speakers and trainers default to what is actually a competitive disadvantage. 

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What Is A Profit Pulling Pipeline and Why Is It Important To You?

One of the things that puzzled me was how many coaches, speakers and trainers who were really brilliant at what they did were not really making a lot of money. Now I’m not just talking about folks who were just starting but even many who were seemingly doing well with a ton of followers on […]

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